• Insurance

    Of course we hope you never have to make a claim, but it is important to cover yourself just in case. Insurance to protect you and your family, your mortgage or business are all available. Discuss them with Seer Green or read more about our insurance policies here. Read more about Insurance

  • Pensions

    We all know how important pensions are, but with ever changing legislation are you up-to-date on all the most recent pension options? Take a look at Seer Green’s financial planning services and find out what retirement scheme suits you best. Read more about Pensions

  • Mortgages

    There are a number of different mortgages out there, and with varying flexibility and different interest rates, for which you may have a few questions. Get to know your options and which mortgage is best for you by reading one of our helpful guides. Read more about Mortgages

  • Investments

    Investing money can seem daunting whether you’re looking at setting up regular savings or investing a lump sum. Where you place your money needs careful consideration, after all, you want it to be safe and maybe even grow and earn you more. Good investment advice is hard to come by, but here at Seer Green we know what we’re doing when it comes to helping you invest your money wisely. Read more about Investments

  • Business protection

    Just like insurance, business protection is all about planning for the unexpected, and protecting yourself from the worst possible situation. With our financial planning services you can create a safety-net for your business and rest assured your protected. Read more about Business protection

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